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Hey, I’m Deanna

A Pandemic Forced Pivot!
Travel Agent Turned

Travel Content & Copywriter


For more than five years I ran a successful travel business. Right after I celebrated berthing my 40th cabin into my cruise group, this little thing called a PANDEMIC struck. And it hit me, like I’m sure it hit you, HARD!!

Suddenly, I was spending all of my time on hold canceling bookings. A few months in, people started booking again, only to cancel with the next wave. 

The truth is, I was struggling to keep my virtual doors open.

So, I started to do what I do best. I started writing (hello English degree). I started writing for other travel agents just like you. I wrote their blogs, I wrote their newsletters, and I wrote their promotional emails. And before you knew it I didn’t have time for anything else.

My heart beams knowing I’m helping to take something off the plate of busy travel agents. I hope I can do the same for you soon.




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