3 Key Ways to Make your Blog Content Shine

A blog is a kinda storefront. It’s the manikins gorgeously dressed in this season’s fashion or piles of cream-filled cakes in the bakery window. It’s the thing that tempts your customer to make a purchase. You’re not selling your blog, your blog is selling you. That’s why it’s super important to have good quality blog […]

Do you recycle?

Did anyone else get a visit from Ray-CYCLE in elementary school? He used to come to my school and teach us the importance of recycling. He had a green recycle costume and he would stand in the middle of the auditorium, and sing… Re Re Re Re Re RecycleRe Re Re Re Re Use itDon’t […]

Bios Bring Business: What You Need Before You Start Writing Yours

Attention travel agents looking to promote their services online. Pay close attention! Crafting a compelling bio or “about me” page is an absolute necessity. Why, you ask? Well, apart from your homepage, the about us page is typically the most frequently visited section on most websites. So, if you want to quickly communicate to visitors […]

How to Become a Better Writer in 3..2..1

  Okay, so you’re no Shakespeare, Nicolas Sparks, or even Kandi Buress.    Meaning when you put pen to paper it’s not exactly poetry in motion.    But does that mean you can’t improve and write effective copy for your travel business with some practice?   Does that mean you can’t craft compelling stories that […]

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