And the Winner is: The Top Email Marketing Platforms for Travel Agents in 2023

Since I started managing newsletters for fellow travel agents, I’ve heard the same question. Which email marketing platform works best?

And the truth is.. They all kinda do the same thing to some extent! But there are some that are better than others in certain areas.

So, I started thinking, if I were giving out awards, which email marketing platforms would win?
Now before we get to the awards… let me set the scene.. You’re dressed in your best dress (or suit) and heels (or loafers). There’s a red carpet, there are speeches, corny jokes, and of course some type of controversy (what kind of awards ceremony would it be without some drama?)

And the awards go to

The Newbie Award: Mailer Lite

Basically a newcomer to the industry, Mailer Lite easily stands out, because it is easy to use, even for the beginner. They offer fun templates and a drag-and-drop system that makes creating visually pleasing, professional emails in no time. Sounds like the perfect option for a time-strapped travel professional.

Free Plan available: Yes
Starting Cost: $9-$19

The Oldie but Goodie Award: Constant Contact & Aweber

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen many updates from these systems in a while. And I’m assuming that’s because they’re already pretty good. I mean if Rock-Solid were an email system… It’d be one of these. They may not be the fanciest, but they are reliable and offer all of the features you need to send emails, grow your list, and collect valuable data every time you hit publish.

Free Plan available: Yes for Aweber under 500 subscribers, No for Constant Contact
Starting Cost: $9.99 (Constant Contact) – $12.50 (Aweber)

The Ugly Duckling Award: ConvertKit

Constant Contact is short on all the bells, whistles, and shiny templates. But it has some solid features that make up for its lack of good looks. It has automation, tagging, and segmentation capabilities that make tracking your campaigns super easy. So if you’re in the market for a reliable, affordable system, and you’re ok with sending mostly plain text emails, this one is for you.

Free Plan available: Yes up to 300 subscribers
Starting Cost: $9.00

The Pretty on the Outside Award: Flodesk

If you’ve been in the email marketing game for a while, you know that looks really do count. That’s where Flodesk comes in. It has some of the most eye-catching templates I’ve ever seen including some impressive signature fonts I haven’t seen anywhere else.

But if you’re looking for flexibility and robust reporting features, you may find Flodesk to be a little.. Shallow!

Free Plan available: No (1 month free)
Starting Cost: $38.00

The I Do It All Award: Infusionsoft (Keap)

This system does nearly everything that you need, from handling payments, scheduling appointments, sending emails, and even tracking your customers’ journey.
But Keap is not just email marketing, it’s a CRM, and as such it is very expensive, time-consuming to set up, and maybe not the best solution for new, cash-strapped, or time-strapped travel agents

Free Plan available: No
Starting Cost $149.00

The Old Reliable: Active Campaign

If you’re looking for a solid email marketing system that offers automation, detailed reporting, and segmentation, Active Campaign is your go-to. It’s been around since 2003 and is consistently reliable. Plus, their templates are easy to customize and they offer detailed reporting capabilities.

Just watch the pricing, after you pass the 500 subscribers benchmark, the price jumps significantly.

Free Plan available: No
Starting Cost: $29.00

The Often Misunderstood Award: MailChimp

Mailchimp was one of the original players on the field. And since then newer and shinier platforms have emerged. Many people assume that newer and shinier automatically mean better.

Well, that’s not necessarily true. Mailchimp still has great features and its templates and new drag-and-drop builder are surprisingly impressive and easy to use. For beginners, they offer a free plan, and those needing more can count on affordability with their paid plans starting at $9.
So there you have it! The best email marketing platforms, as voted by me. Now go forth and create amazing emails! Happy emailing!

Free Plan available: Yes
Starting Cost: $9.00

The Bottom Line: It’s an All About You Award

At the end of the day, which system you choose depends on YOU. You want to consider your budget, how much time you can commit to learning a new system, and any specific features that you need.

But the best advice I can offer is to focus on delivering consistent, valuable, and relevant content to your customers in a format that sets you apart from the competition.
If you do that, no matter which system you choose, it’ll be a success.

Happy emailing!

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