Bios Bring Business: What You Need Before You Start Writing Yours

Attention travel agents looking to promote their services online. Pay close attention! Crafting a compelling bio or “about me” page is an absolute necessity.

Why, you ask? Well, apart from your homepage, the about us page is typically the most frequently visited section on most websites. So, if you want to quickly communicate to visitors that they’ve come to the right place, your bio is where it’s at.

But, listen before you even pick up your pen (or stylus), fire up your MacBook, or fill your Google doc with sweet inspiration, you got a few decisions to make!

Read below to find out what you need to know before you can help them get to know you!

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Alright, time for step one: selecting the right headline. This brief sentence or phrase is essential for conveying to your reader that they’ve landed in the right spot.
Make sure your headline is short, direct, and clearly communicates what you specialize in and who you cater to. Remember, simplicity and clarity are key when crafting an impactful headline.

Need some inspiration? Check out these examples:

  • We’ve Explored the World – Let Us Show You the Way
  • Join Our Collective of Jet-Setting Travel Enthusiasts
  • Travel in Style with Our 1st Class Services


Now, let’s move on to step two: deciding between “About Me” and “About Us.” While there’s no hard and fast rule, this is a crucial decision to make.

Choosing “About Us” implies that you have a team or employees working with you, while “About Me” signifies that you’re a solopreneur or a one-person show.

When making this decision, it’s essential to consider how you want to present yourself to your audience. Remember, honesty is always the best policy. Building trust with clients is a journey, and it’s important not to start off by misleading them. If you’re a one-person show, write an “About Me.” If you have a team, go with “About Us.”

Note: If you are writing a speaker bio, you should write in the third person, as the person introducing you will do.

Step Three: Decide on your niche. What type of travel agent are you? Do you specialize in luxury travel, beach vacations for families, or romantic getaways for couples? Maybe your clients are retirees seeking adventure, or maybe you’re a TA that curates experiences and takes groups of travelers around the world.

Defining your niche is crucial in tailoring your messaging and stories to your specific audience. It allows you to create relatable content that speaks directly to their interests and needs.

All right, you’ve made your decisions, and now it’s time to start creating some magic on paper!

Good luck as you write a bio that really connects with your audience. Just keep in mind your bio is about you, but it’s really about them.

Ready to get started?

Check out my step-by-step guide to building the perfect bio – Free! Just click below to download it and start crafting a bio that will wow your audience.

Happy Creating

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