It’s all “about” YOU. The BEST ways to write the perfect “about” page

Your website is your storefront and while everyone’s gotta start somewhere, let’s make sure ours is more Macy’s and less lemonade stand. Your site visitor is going straight to your home page. If what they see is all good, where are they going next? You got it: they want to take a peek at the goods. That’s you, by the way. You’re the goods.

Helping you write better about yourself is what I’m here for. Today, let’s zoom straight into my best ways to write an “about” page that makes you shine.

There’s no ONE way to write a bio – there’s lots. But which is right for you? I’ve curated a diverse range of options for you to choose the right way for your visitors to get to know you better.

Introduce yourself in one sentence

People are pushed for time. The hard stats show that visitors are going to spend less than 15 seconds scanning your text so a short and sweet one-sentence bio is going to make every second count.

Hi. I’m (enter name here) and I (what are you known for)

Tell Your Story
Give them a chance to connect with you. Let them know how you fell in love with travel, how it all started, and what made you open your virtual doors.

Remember, this story is about you, but it’s really about them. Make sure the story is relatable for your target audience.

Skills For Days
Clients are considering giving you the dolla. But they know their money is in safe hands. How you share your expertise is another key way to make yourself look like the boss. Because you are! Careful not to be too braggy… List only the most relevant stuff.

Q & A
Mix it up by giving your site visitor the good stuff about your biz skills in a question and answer format. Imagine a client is asking you things they would want to know and you provide the answers in ‘your own’ voice.

Problem Solver
You’re the problem solver. You’re the need-filler. You’re going to scratch every last itch your new customer has. Selling yourself isn’t always pretty but it does need to look pretty. So create the kind of problems your client has and delightfully show them how you can solve it. Not all the deets. Just enough to get them clicking onto the next page.

Here’s a few ways to make problem solving look pretty as a peach:

Talk directly to them
Be very specific. Let them know who you help, what types of trips you book, and what makes you special. Try not to be too general. Remember, when you speak to everyone, you’ll reach no one.

Real Problems
Use a quote from a client testimonial which has a problem solved within it. Highlight your favorite testimonial. Not a long paragraph but a testimonial the summarizes what you do.

Hey! That’s not all.

Don’t forget the CTA.

A call to action is the last but essential part of your about page.

It’s what you want them to do next:

Click through a link
Email you
Schedule a consultation
Join the Facebook Group

Using my “about” page tips will have your visitor eating out of your hand.

Now make it work for you telling your client what to do next.

And when you’re done, send me a copy at I’d love to see what you come up with. ( 👈🏾 see what I did there? CTA).

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